healthy farming.

real snacks.

Healthy soil is essential for nutritious crops. We prepare our composting completely indoors using 100% agricultural by products, under a controlled atmosphere. Environmentally friendly and operationally efficient.

We reduce air pollution and conserve energy. We grow entirely indoors. Our grow houses are heated with 100% natural gas.

Keeping waste out of landfills can lead to cleaner land, air and water. We recycle our cardboard and 100% of our growing compost.

Our farming practices create better working conditions. We reduce pesticide risks, provide protective equipment and we participate in third-party auditing programs to promote safe conditions and fair compensation.

Clean, plentiful fresh water is essential to agriculture and human health. We trend and graph our water usage. This allows us to analyze usage, spot trends and identify new opportunities to save. In addition to our routine monitoring, by design we are extremely water efficient. All water used in growing and composting is recaptured and reused.

Responsibly grown illustrates our commitment to reduce pesticide use and its risks to consumers, farmworkers, wildlife and the environment.

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